IEEE/CIC International Conference on Communications in China
10–12 August 2023 // Dalian, China
Integrating Space-Air-Ground-Sea Communications



IEEE ICCC 2023 Workshop on

Semantic Communications

Dalian, China|10-12 August 2023



The continuously increasing demand for communication causes the explosion of wireless data traffic, and places a heavy burden on the current infrastructure of communication systems. Different from the traditional communication approaches which consider only the accurate representation and transmission of bits and symbols, semantic communication systems transmit the semantic or task relevant information while remove the redundancy to improve transmission efficiency. Tremendous advances in machine learning (DNNs in particular) have yielded significant insights in semantic communications. Empowering multimedia semantic representation, encoding, and transmission components through deep learning provides a viable opportunity for semantic communication. In order to develop a powerful multimedia semantic communication system with higher transmission efficiency and better quality of service, multimedia semantic representation, semantic coding, transmission, protocols, and evaluation criteria must be designed. This workshop aims at bringing together the researchers and practitioners interested in multimedia semantic communication and systems to address the topic, present their novel solutions, and discuss technical challenges.



Authors are welcome to submit original papers (not published before and/or simultaneously to another venue) with topics include but are not limited to:

  • Semantic information theory
  • Semantic entropy
  • Multimedia semantic compression
  • Multimedia semantic representation for multimodal data
  • Semantic coding and signal processing
  • End-to-end semantic coding and decoding
  • Semantic aided data mining, prediction and decision making
  • Machine-learning-based Image and video processing
  • Machine-learning-based Image and video transmission
  • Quality evaluation for multimedia semantic communication
  • Priori knowledge models and update methods
  • End-to-end semantic communication system for image and video
  • Network architectures and protocols for semantic communications
  • Experiments and testbeds for semantic communications
  • Semantic communications in emerging wireless networks, i.e., virtual reality, autonomous driving, unmanned aerial vehicle, among others.
  • Network Structured Fundamental Theory
  • Network communication capacity and optimization methods
  • Resource management in semantic communication systems
  • Distributed learning for semantic communication
  • Privacy-preserved semantic communications
  • Security problems and solutions in semantic communication systems
  • Theoretical limits of semantic communications


Organizing Committee


General Co-Chairs:

Qianqian Yang, Zhejiang University,

Rong Li, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd,

Zhaohui Yang, Zhejiang University,

Yiping Duan, Tsinghua University,


Technical Program Co-Chairs:

Yang Yang, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications,

Chengwei Zhou, Zhejiang University,

Xiufang ShiZhejiang University of Technology,

Yunqi FengZhejiang University of Technology,

Xueyan Niu, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd,


Keynote Speakers:

Zhijin Qin, Tsinghua University


Submission Procedure:

All papers for this workshop should be submitted via EDAS through this link: