IEEE/CIC International Conference on Communications in China
10–12 August 2023 // Dalian, China
Integrating Space-Air-Ground-Sea Communications


IEEE ICCC 2023 Workshop on


10th August 20238:00-12:30

Moderator: Xu Xia, China Telecom Research Institute, China

Keynote: 8:00-8:20

Speaker: Dr. Zhenqiang Sun, China Telecom Research Institute

Title: Vision of Intelligent and Simplified Network Architecture towards 6G

Abstract: Recently, ITU-R has published a new recommendation of IMT for 2030 and beyond. Six usage scenarios have been proposed by extending the three usage scenarios of 5G. The architecture of 6G network will be designed to satisfy different requirements of services and it will face more challenges. In the keynote, an end-to-end intelligent and simplified network architecture is proposed to optimize the functions of networks. Network elements will be integrated to achieve high cohesion and low coupling of networks functions. Artifice intelligent will be native in the network to provide closed-loop guarantee for network services.

Panel Discussion: 8:20-8:30

Session 1: 8:30-10:00

[8:30-8:45] An Intent-based Network Empowered by Knowledge Graph: Enhancement of Intent Translation and Management Function for vertical industry

Dong Wang (China Telecom Research Institute, China); Shenhu Zhang (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China); Ruiran Su (University of Oxford, United Kingdom (Great Britain)); Huan Li and Xu Xia (China Telecom Research Institute, China)

[8:45-9:00] Intent-Driven RAN Slice Orchestration: A Multi-Agent Deep Reinforcement Learning Based Approach

Junjie Zhang, Hao Wei, Dixiang Gao (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China); Nian Xia (Nanjing Normal University, China); Dong Wang (China Telecom Research Institute, China); Shi Yan and Xiqing Liu (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China)

[9:00-9:15] Localized Mobile Metaverse: 3GPP Standardization Progress

Zhonghui Mao (Fudan University, China); Haojin Li (Sony (China) Research Laboratory, China); Chen Sun and Xiaoxue Wang (Sony China Research Laboratory Beijing, China); Shuo Wang (Sony (China) Limited, China)

[9:15-9:30] Blockchain-Based 6G Distributed Network Framework

Yuqin LiuYilin LinYufeng HeSibo Chen and Ruiqi Zhang (China Telecom Research Institute, China)

[9:30-9:45] High-order Time Shift Keying Modulation and Detection for Ambient Backscatter Communications

Jixiang Chen, Hua Yu and Quansheng Guan (South China University of Technology, China); Weiqi Chen (Guangdong University of Finance, China)

[9:45-10:00] Research on Satellite Internet Traffic Perception Based on Density Peak Clustering

Yicheng Liao, Zhongliang Deng, Bohan Zhu (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China)

Tea Break: 10:00-10:15

Session 2: 10:15-12:30

Moderator: Xu Xia, China Telecom Research Institute, China

[10:15-10:30] Spectrum Requirement Prediction for Future WLAN based IoT Applications

Chonghe LiuShengli Liu and Guanding Yu (Zhejiang University, China)

[10:30-10:45] Survey on Dynamic Routing Networking Methods in Integrated Satellite-Terrestrial Network

Heng Wang, Jianxiu Wang, Wen Qi (China Telecom Research Institute, China); Chengli Mei (China Telecom Technology Innovation Center, China); Xu Xia (China Telecom Research Institute, China)

[10:45-11:00] An Overview of Resource Allocation in Integrated Sensing and Communication

Jinming Du (Sun Yat-Sen University, China); Yanqun Tang (Sun Yat-sen University, China); Xizhang Wei, Jiaojiao Xiong, Jiajun Zhu, Haoran Yin, Chi Zhang and Haibo Chen (Sun Yat-Sen University, China)

[11:00-11:15] Reinforcement Learning Based Obstacle Avoidance for AUV Swarm in Dynamic Ocean Environment

Xianghe Wang (Tsinghua University, China); Zezhao Meng (Xidian University, China); Xiangwang Hou and Jun Du (Tsinghua University, Beijing, China); Ruiqi Liu (ZTE Corporation, China); Yong Ren (Tsinghua University, Beijing, China)

[11:15-11:30] A Review of Mission Critical Service over Proximity based Service

Zhe Zhou and Mingxue Li (China Telecom Corporation Limited, China); Biao Long (China Telecom, China)

[11:30-11:45] Research on 6G intelligent network architecture and key technologies for intelligent generation and autonomy

Wanfei Sun (CICT Mobile Communication Technology Co., Ltd., China); Xiaoyan Duan and Min Shu (CICT Mobile Communication Technology Co., Ltd, China); Liping Wu (CICT Mobile Communication Equipment Co. Ltd, China); Ming AI (CATT, China

[11:45-12:00] Integrated Sensing and Communication for 6G: Motivation, Enablers and Standardization

Ruiqi Liu (ZTE Corporation, China); Leyi Zhang (ZTE, China); Tianqi Mao (Beihang University, China); Ke Guan (Beijing Jiaotong University, China); Yin Xu (ShangHai Jiao Tong University, China)

[12:00-12:15] Integration of ToB Service and ToC Service for 5G-Advanced Networks

Shuangyue Liu (China Telecom Research Institute, China); Jun Yin (Research Institute of China Telecom, China); Xuexin Li and Wenyi Li (China Telecom Research Institute, China); Peirong Xie (Chinatelecom, China)

[12:15-12:30] Space-Air-Ground Integrated Heterogeneous Network Slicing with Native Intelligence

Yushuang Hu, Nanxiang Shi, Lu Lu and Chutian Wang (China Mobile Research Institute, China)