IEEE/CIC International Conference on Communications in China
10–12 August 2023 // Dalian, China
Integrating Space-Air-Ground-Sea Communications

Shanzhi Chen

Biography: Shanzhi CHEN, Ph.D.,IEEE Fellow,EVP and CTO, China Information and Communication Technology Group Co.,Ltd.(CICT), Director,State Key Laboratory of Wireless Mobile Communications.

Title: The Trends of Integrated Satellite-Terrestrial Communications: System Compatibility with 5G and Systematic Integrations in 6G

Abstract: Firstly, a brief review of 4G changing life and 5G changing society is presented. At the same time, the current problems and challenges of 5G are analyzed, and the prospect of achieving full coverage of 6G is envisioned, with scenario-aware connection. Furthermore, it is pointed out that traditional satellite communication systems are incompatible, with small industrial scales and high costs. It is analyzed that satellite communication and terrestrial mobile communication have shifted from past competition to complementarity, and the advantages of development of satellite communications compatible with the 5G system are analyzed. Key factors and solutions for satellite communication based on 5G are proposed. The progress of 3GPP's 5G Non-Terrestrial Network (NTN) standard is introduced. The systematic integrations of satellite-terrestrial communications in 6G are proposed and analyze the key technologies to be addressed. A technical path proposal for China's development of satellite internet is summarized and proposed, which includes "5G system compatibility and 6G systematic integration". Finally, the contribution and research achievements of CICT in the integrated satellite-terrestrial communications were introduced.